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Our Harley V2 (EVO) top end are the best you can get. Restoration kits in black texture or natural . All you do is sent us your top end and we do it all . Ready for you to bolt on.  All are V2 heads are set up with custom 7mm valves and Bee-hive springs. We offer many upgrades like Phaze I to III semi to pull porting and big valve.

Harley v2 black top end restoration

As with our V2 top ends we other the same option. We will custom tailor to your needs. Our Twin Cam 1.900 big valve heads is one of the most powerful in a stock casting. From easy 90’s to 120’s + hp. Our intake porting finish is no longer rotary sanded but left a tool finish (faceted) texture. Extensive testing proves it most efficient and make best power.We services all Harley heads and cylinders including aftermarket clones.


We do big Twin engine restoration and custom performance up grades to suit you riding style to a limit.